Expo Peter De Potter “Six Spectral Works”


Solo exhibition of Peter De Potter ‘Six Spectral Works’

The show ‘Six Spectral Works’ brings a very specific selection of works focusing on a trademark approach often explored in Peter De Potter’s oeuvre.

Directly referencing the photomontage technique of the Surrealist movement from the twenties and thirties as well as the spirit photography dating back to the late 19th century, the Spectral Works on view are a cross between photographic lucid dreaming and ghost hunting.

Images, both new or from the recent archive, are overlaid, layered and blended. Male figures flare up like apparitions. Time and place but also subject and content are overrun by an unpredictable logic.

Yet instead of subscribing solely to academic art history, the Six Spectral Works equally and willfully reflect and embrace the contemporary digital visual language. Graphical elements and text snippets are treated as images as well, not contributing but completing the final work.

In his own words the artist’s main goal to his work is to evoke ‘the zone between an image and a feeling’. In that sense, the Spectral Works fuse the brutal and industrial with the spiritual and unashamedly romantic.